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Hypnosis In London - September Resolutions Achieve Your Goals

After (hopefully) a relaxing break of summer, September brings a new energy. Whether it is the change of the season, the new wardrobe update or perhaps a ‘back to school’ mentality, September feels like we can wipe the slate clean and start to pursue our goals. Perhaps reminiscent of that first page of your exercise book at school, where you vowed to use only your neatest handwriting.

September is typically an exciting time with the potential for change and a re-energised positive state of mind. So how can you harness this new autumnal energy to help you improve your focus to achieve your goals?

Why Are Resolutions Better In September Than January?

While January is common for resolutions, the dark winter days, low energy and low mood can make maintaining a positive change even more of a challenge. However, in September, there is more sunshine, daylight and warmth putting us in a happier frame of mind.  In fact, studies have shown that a positive frame of mind enhances our focus, concentration and ability to challenge Negative Automatic Thoughts. With this in mind, you are more likely to achieve your goals at this time of year.

Furthermore, setting resolutions in September can give you a fixed timeframe of four months until Christmas to achieve your goals. You can then reward yourself during the festive season with your own incentive. This can feel a lot less daunting than a twelve-month period from setting goals on the 1st January. What’s more, with a four-month challenge, by the time January comes, you will have built the foundations for change and positive behaviours. You are more likely to stick to these changes, even if you do relax the rules over the festive season.

How To Achieve Your Goals

  1. Write Your Goals Down

Making a list and keeping it somewhere prominent can help to keep the goals at the forefront of your mind. If you have ‘big’ goals, then you need to be realistic. It may help to split your goals into steps to make them more achievable and build them up.

  1. Utilise Support

Looking forward to catching up with your friends? Then let them help support you with your goals. If exercise or healthy eating is your goal, then book a fitness class together rather than going to the cinema or for a meal. Achieving your goals shouldn’t be a chore but a positive change you want to make. Making small changes to your routine can help without feeling like you are missing out.

  1. Practice Gratitude

We are often so good at beating ourselves up and practising negative self-talk. However, most of us are poor at recognising and celebrating our own accomplishments. It is essential to celebrate the progress you make and the goals you achieve, however small they are. If you don’t practice gratitude, then you may not give yourself the credit you deserve for achieving your goal. This may lead to an endless cycle of chasing the next goal instead of being happy with who you are right now.

  1. Adopt A Back To School Mentality

It is our curious minds that keep us focused and striving for our goals. While you may have put the pressure on to reach certain goals in your personal or work life, it is important to stimulate your creative mind. Now is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. This doesn’t have to be life-changing, it could be a new dance class, a language audiobook or a new cookery book. However, continuing to explore your passions and interest can help to provide the focus and enthusiasm you need to achieve goals.

Make Achieving Goals A Reality

As a Reinvention Hypnotherapist, I love to help my clients achieve their goals. I believe my blended therapy can help you to put aside your fears and grow in confidence. You can then harness your own positive energy to make the changes you want in life. If you wish to achieve your goals, then call ​0207 971 7677 for your free 15-minute consultation and find out how I can help you to achieve your goals.

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