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Hypnosis In London: Pandemic Personality

Pandemic Personality: What Does Your Lockdown Behaviour Say About You?

Since lockdown began, you’ve probably gone through every emotion imaginable – from losing sleep and suffering stress to laughing until you cry. Now that lockdown is starting to resemble normality, you may have discovered something new about yourself, from a hidden skill to a side of your personality you’ve never seen before. Lockdown has brought out some very interesting emotions, habits and personality traits, so which pandemic personality do you identify with?

Five Pandemic Personality Types: Which One Are You?

Eager Extrovert

Are you;

  • Organising virtual parties, get-togethers and quizzes with friends?
  • Still getting dressed up, doing your make-up – ready for video calls and Instagram?
  • Completing social media challenges and TikTok dances, and tagging your friends to do them too?
  • Using alcohol and comfort food to get you through periods when your energy is low, or you are feeling alone?
  • Feeling a sense of suffering from being cooped up indoors?

If you agree with most of these, then you are the Eager Extrovert.

What This Means

Unfortunately, your naturally extrovert nature means that lockdown doesn’t suit you and you may be breaking the rules where you can. Your high-energy and eager attitude means you don’t want to sit and wait for lockdown to be over. You want to take the party online, may be drinking more and consider yourself as someone who motivates and cheers people up.

This high energy behaviour can mean you also suffer from energy lows which can make lockdown feel even worse. Lockdown may feel like a rollercoaster of emotions with a quick shift between laughing and crying.

What Can Help

To help control the extreme highs and lows of energy levels and happiness, meditation can help you to be present and accepting of the situation. Extroverts are also highly expressive with their emotions. With this in mind, a daily journal where you can document your current feelings can really help to give you an outlet.

Acceptingly Agreeable

Are you;

  • Using this time to rest, take stock and self-reflect?
  • Spending more time in bed or feeling more tired than usual?
  • Enjoying time in loungewear?
  • Having a digital detox or limiting your time spent scrolling through news and social media?
  • Is your favourite phrase of lockdown, ‘it is what it is’?

If this pandemic personality sums you up the best, then you are Acceptingly Agreeable.

What This Means

In all aspects of life, you probably portray a sense of agreeableness in your behaviour. This means you’re likely to accept and trust the advice from health organisations about the virus. Your naturally pro-social attitudes mean you also want to do what is best for society, which means you will follow the rules.

This doesn’t mean you are necessarily an introvert. It means you understand that the situation isn’t normal and you are doing what you need to get through it. You don’t feel like you have to reach out more or achieve something during this time. You simply know that it is a change that you have to adapt to. You may even allow yourself this time to rest and relax as a break from your normally busy life.

However, oversleeping can cause an energy slump which can then lead you to adopt unhealthy lifestyle habits. For example, you may also not be exercising as normal, which can lower your mood.

What Can Help

While rest and relaxation are good, you want to make sure that you are still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It may be useful to adopt a morning routine which includes exercise, a healthy breakfast and a creative task that help to structure your day and make sure every day starts well.

Conscientious And Crafty

Are you:

  • Setting lots of goals to achieve during lockdown?
  • Baking, knitting, drawing, sewing, painting, making, cooking or crafting?
  • Undertaking lots of DIY or gardening activities?
  • Learning something new, like a new language or studying for a qualification?
  • Following a set structure or timetable for your day?

If you’ve answered mostly yes to these, then it is likely that you’re Conscientious and Crafty.

What This Means

You have had to deal with a level of anxiety regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, and you are looking to assert control over aspects of your life that you can regulate. You are probably fantastic at planning, and friends see you as reliable and resourceful. You like life to be predictable, and a pandemic like this may have thrown you off course.

As a result, you are establishing control by studying, creating, and doing. Whatever your new hobbies, it is probably with a goal-directed behaviour to make sure that you are making the most of your time.

What Can Help

While structure can help to give you a sense of control, it is also important to access your feelings and let yourself express your true emotions. Give yourself some time each day where you plan to do nothing. You don’t want to burn out in lockdown.

Researching Resistor

Are you:

  • Avidly reading the news and absorbing all information about the virus?
  • Looking up potential conspiracy theories?
  • Sceptical about information provided?
  • Reluctant to follow the advice given?
  • Unwilling to adapt to a new way of life?

If this is you, you are a researching resistor.

What This Means

It is crucial for you to fully understand the facts and apply your own logic and sense to the situation. It is likely that you don’t like being told what to do and you may not be following issued advice. Instead of feeling sad or despondent about lockdown, you are more likely to feel angry that your choice and freedom has been restricted.

You prefer to make your own choices about a situation and do what you think is best.

Unfortunately, with a wealth of information and misinformation online, you may be causing further anxiety to your friends or accidentally sharing misinformation. It can also suck you into a rabbit-hole of endless scrolling which doesn’t give you a chance to enjoy other aspects of life and can be very addictive.

In the five primary factors of personality, this one stems from neuroticism and can come from having to adapt to change.

What Can Help

Your focus on the instability may mean you have low motivation to do anything during lockdown apart from mindless scrolling. It can help to get a fresh perspective by having a digital detox and enjoy fresh air within the recommended limits. It is also a great time to direct your researching talents to a new project that can help to further your career or to learn a new skill.

Adapting And Agile

Are you;

  • Barely aware of lockdown because you’re so busy?
  • Open to the experience?
  • An introvert or homebody who is enjoying a chance to be alone?
  • Adapting your business to the changes or putting entrepreneurial skills to good use?
  • Using the phrase ‘keep calm and carry on’?

If this is you, you have a pandemic personality of being adaptable and agile.

What This Means

Your creativity and openness to change means that you have already foreseen what is going on, and have changed your life accordingly. As a result, you have barely noticed the lockdown because you adapted early and have kept busy with things that need to be done. This could be a new business venture, sewing PPE for frontline workers or volunteering in your community.

You may also be an introvert who is relishing this time at home and is reluctant to see lockdown restrictions lifted. All of these attributes come from your broad skills and the character trait of openness. This means you look for originality and usually come up with innovations that you can use to capitalise on situations. As a result, you are always very busy.

What Can Help

While your adaptable nature means you are doing very well at getting on with things; you may get so lost in what you are doing that you are sucked into an introverted bubble. Don’t forget to check in on friends and family and take time to go outside and connect with the ‘real world’ while still following government and health advice.

Has Lockdown Uncovered Your Demons?

If you have discovered bad habits or personality traits that are making you unhappy during lockdown, then my blended virtual therapy sessions can really help. Whether you’re looking to banish bad habits or change your outlook; I can help using a range of meditation, hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching. Tell me your goals today by emailing me on We’ll then book a free virtual consultation to discuss the best path of how to achieve success.

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