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Hypnosis In London: Michelle Mone Asks Malminder How To Reduce Stress

Michelle Mone Asks Malminder… How To Reduce Stress

Inspiring business entrepreneur, Michelle Mone has just launched her new app Connect 2 Michelle Mone. The lifestyle app is a 14-month project with a vast amount of investment and offers all the advice users need for aspects such as wellness, business and style. Award-winning Harley Street hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill was asked by Baroness Mone of Mayfair, also known as Lady Michelle Mone OBE to contribute to her new free and insightful app.

How To Reduce Stress With Breathing Techniques

One article that users can find on the app is Malminder’s top five breathing techniques to reduce stress. In the article, Malminder covers five different breathing techniques that can help in situations of high stress and anxiety. The breathing techniques include;

Calming breathing – This method of breathing is one that is recommended by the NHS. Calming breathing to reduce stress can take just three minutes to complete.

Slow deep breathing – Focusing on the contractions deep in the belly, this can help you to centre yourself during a period of stress.

Alternate nostril breathing – Alternate nostril breathing hit the headlines in recent years after Hilary Clinton cited its benefits. It is an ancient yogic practice that can be helpful for those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Find out how to do these breathing techniques and two others that Malminder recommends by downloading the Connect 2 Michelle Mone app. The app is free to download and is available on the Apple app store. You can find Malminder’s article in the ‘Wellness’ section with the title: ‘5 Breathing Techniques To Reduce Stress.’

What Else Is On The Connect 2 Michelle Mone App?

As well as techniques to reduce stress, the Michelle Mone app offers a range of advice so that you can become your ‘Ultimate U!’. As well as insightful articles, you can find a range of videos and Michelle Mone’s lifehacks. The app is there to give you the extra support that you need to balance every aspect of life.

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