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In-person & Online Hypnotherapy with Malminder Gill | 96 Harley Street

At this year’s Olympia BEAUTY show I will be demonstrating some of the key techniques I use at the practice. Come along and take part!

So why BEAUTY and how does that relate to hypnotherapy?

Great question. So lets start with what hypnotherapy really means. Contrary to what you may have seen on television, hypnotherapy does not mean to lose all control to the tangible world and to lose control to yourself and to be controlled by another. Hypnotherapy is, rather, a form of awakening, to lead you towards living the fullest life that exists within you. Hypnotherapy believes that all of the answers lie within you – and it the job of hypnosis to simply bring the answers out of you, and allow you to truly follow a path which you desire. And do you know what all of this ‘living the most fulfilled life and existence’ means to your human condition? Vibrance. Love. Beauty. Beauty.

The most beautiful people are the ones who allow their light to shine brightly. It’s simple. Beauty starts from within.

And happiness? well, happiness is not a destination. Your journey is the destination. It’s about making peace with your journey and finding pockets of happiness-through living in the now.

Join me at Olympia Beauty on 1st October at 1pm when I take to the Holistic Therapist Magazine stage to demonstrate some of the key techniques I use daily at my practice in Harley Street.  To register for your FREE tickets click here

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