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Women’s Health Asks Malminder…How To Stop Nailbiting

In the December issues of Women’s Health, the Chief Sub-Editor, Victoria Rudland sought the help of Harley Street hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill for therapy to combat her nailbiting addiction.

Women’s Health magazine is a popular print and online magazine focusing on all aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, sex and lifestyle. In the December issue of the magazine, the magazine puts award-winning hypnotherapist Malminder Gill to the test in a bid to help Victoria Rudland kick her nailbiting habit.

Hypnotherapy For Nailbiting

Victoria Rudland has tried many things to stop her nailbiting obsession. From wearing foul-tasting nail polish to wrapping her fingertips in plasters. However, the habit remains. Consequently, after reading that hypnotherapy may help to stop nail biting, Victoria got in touch with Malminder Gill to book her first hypnotherapy session.

Victoria explains that the first session with Malminder is much like talking therapy. Malminder asks her about her habit. So, together they both start to unpick the addiction and its basis in anxiety and panic attacks. They discover that a childhood fear triggered nailbiting.

In the second session, the hypnotherapy begins. Victoria, like many other hypnotherapy newbies, was surprised to find out there were no pendulums or ticking clocks. Instead, Victoria lay down while Malminder used a soothing voice to help Victoria to visualise the nail-biting process. Furthermore, Malminder began to override the old process with a new pattern full of positive habits and suggestions.

After the hypnosis, Victoria receives a guide of daily meditations and audio hypnosis to help with the process. As a result, all of which help to motivate her to kick the habit.

If you want to find out more about this story, then you can read about Malminder’s hypnotherapy for nailbiting in the December issue of Women’s Health magazine. Furthermore, if you have a nailbiting habit that you want to kick, then hypnotherapy can help. Call Malminder on  0207 971 7677 to arrange your FREE 15-minute consultation.

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