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Hypnotherapy London - How To Fall In Love With Being Alone

We all dream of falling in love. When we enter relationships, we build expectations (almost rules) of how to fall in love. When expectations do not meet reality, we question the love, the relationship, the other person and then ourselves.

The problem is we are lambasted with romance and love. Social media is full of romantic gestures. TV shows and films seem to always focus on meeting ‘the one’. With all of these expectations of how love should be, it is no surprise that many of us feel isolated, unloved and that we are missing out on something everyone else has.

When we only focus on falling in love with someone or loving others, we forget that we need to fall in love with ourselves.

Are you missing out?

Focusing on falling in love, or loving others can leave us feeling drained. We end up forgetting who we are and what else we love to do, to fulfil our own needs. Looking at love, on Instagram, on the streets or TV it can seem like everyone else is loved or loves themselves. With this, we then feel envy as well as feeling plain or insignificant in comparison. This cycle can hamper our self-esteem, making us feel unlovable. We are then utterly unable to see what other people are falling in love with when they look at you.

How can you expect anyone to love you when you don’t love yourself?

Time to stop being passive

When you prioritise other people or have an expectation of love, you end up becoming passive in life. You end up looking to others for approval and trying to please other people instead of thinking of your own life. You may think passive behaviour makes you nice or loveable, but the truth is having assertiveness and confidence in yourself is what other find sexy and what people fall in love with.

If you are looking for love or perhaps struggling with a relationship, then you may need to tend to your own needs, before seeking love from others.

Fall in love with you

For someone to love you, you need to know your own value and self-worth. There are some simple ways to start appreciating just how fabulous you really are.

  1. Learn what makes you tick – keeping a journal to jot down thoughts can be enlightening.
  2. Go on a date with yourself – spoil yourself and enjoy your own company doing exactly what you want.
  3. Compliment yourself – notice and acknowledge the great things about yourself.
  4. Be mindful – taking a step back to appreciate your place in the world, being in nature can really help with this.
  5. Focus on goals – what do you want and how can you get them? Remember, you are worthy of reaching your aspirations.

Ready to fall in love?

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” Wayne Dyer

Want to start loving you and enjoy your alone time? Then it’s time to get rid of the demons that are holding you back and focusing on falling in love with you. I can help by creating a personalised reinvention hypnotherapy plan that will help you to attain your goals in five weeks or less.

Furthermore, I offer unlimited sessions and support to help you with your transformation. You can fall in love with yourself in just five weeks. Call 0207 971 7677 to start your reinvention.

How I can help

Malminder identified a problem I had buried years ago that was continuing to cause me problems, and that I was blaming on something completely different. We addressed it, and she enabled me to put it all behind me without ongoing consequences. I have gone from strength to strength since. It was an amazing experience. Well worth it!”  – A trusted customer

If you want to fall in love, then let’s start the journey today, and in just five weeks with my tailored therapy plans, you can see the results that will make you open to love, from yourself and others. Call me on 0207 971 7677 to arrange a free 15-minute consultation.

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