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If you’ve ever had lower back pain, or are a constant sufferer of the same – then you know there is no single miracle cure that can rid you of the problem. In fact, it’s usually a case of having to sift through several different supposed remedies before even getting a hint of relief.

Modern medicine proposes that you treat lower back pain by only focusing on the anatomy of the lower back region. However, most of us will find far better results by firstly keeping an open mind, and secondly by attacking the problem from multiple angles. It is important to keep in mind that there is always a solution to whatever you are going through, especially when it comes to improving your health. If you are someone who suffers from lower back pain and works in an office, including working from home, have you considered that it may be the furniture that is causing your pain to get worse? This is an issue, especially if you are someone who doesn’t have good posture. Maybe it is time for a modernised office furniture update, to see if the use of new furniture can make a difference to your back pain. It is definitely worth a try. You may find that this is the solution that you have always been looking for. Your health should always be your top priority, so anything that can help improve it is worth giving a go.

A lot of people use physiotherapy to help them with their back pain. There are loads of places you could use if this is something that interests you. For example, For physiotherapy London your London physio is CK Physiotherapy in Ealing and Hanwell. For other cities, it’s best to use Google to find reputable physiotherapists by reading local reviews. If physiotherapy isn’t for you, then don’t worry there are loads of other things that you can do to help you with your back pain.

The following methods and remedies have proven very effective in alleviating and quite often freeing the patient of lower back pain completely. Surprisingly these are mostly ignored and hardly ever regarded as genuine lower back pain treatments. The best part is that they work wonders in combination.

Get Your Juices Flowing

The goal here is to allow your body to generate the very built in mechanisms it has to help you combat pain. We are particularly interested in releasing valuable endorphins which are hormones responsible for a variety of generally good feelings. Studies have shown these are also extremely effective in beating depression, stress and even pain. Endorphins work by actually preventing pain signals from being activated in the brain. (WebMD, 2016)

Some of the best ways to get more endorphins floating around in the body are by taking part in activities which are known to make you feel good. Exercises and sports that you love, meditation, and treating yourself to a nice massage every now and then, are all powerful endorphin boosters.

Power To The Core

This one you may have heard before but a strong midsection definitely assists a weaker lower back. Your abdominal muscles are naturally situated directly opposite to your lower spine and are therefore meant to provide counterbalancing and support. The only way to get your abs strong is to devote time regularly to their development. You can set aside 30 minutes every alternate day by doing simple ab exercises. (Graeme Keys, 2016)

Start off with basic crunches and try to do the movements slowly and controlled. The in between days off serve as rest and will help your abdominals bounce back tighter and tougher taking a load of pressure away from your lower back muscles.

Make Those ‘Hammies’ Nice And Flexible

Most folks wouldn’t even see the connection between tight hamstring muscles and the pain they’re experiencing in their lower backs. Your lower back works in union with your glute muscles and your hamstrings on a daily basis. So when your hamstrings are tight all the connecting muscles leading up the lower spine also clamp up to share the pressure. This invariably leads to increased lower back pain. (Fitzgerald et al., 2016)

So make it a habit to get down on your behind everyday legs spread apart and do some good old-fashioned hamstring stretches. These stretches also soften the glutes and lower back muscles giving you rapid relief. Remember to go slowly and gentle. You’re not out to break any flexibility records, but looking to soothe and loosen the muscles.

You Deserve Better Sleep

If your lower back pain is really bothersome you know how it starts to impact your natural sleep patterns, which is the reason why looking into the services that someone like a lower back pain chiropractor can offer. Sleep is important for everyone, so any way that you can get your sleep pattern back will work out in your favour. Almost 66% of sufferers of chronic lower back pain experience some sort of sleep deprivation or the other. It’s time you realise that the less sleep you’re getting by turning into an insomniac is only going to make your lower back problems worse. (WebMD, 2016)

It ends up a cruel back and forth between your lower back woes reducing sleep, and then less sleep causing more pain. So if you’re serious about winning the battle against lower back pain, work actively to treat your sleep problems at the same time.

Your Mind – Your Best Weapon

Experts in pain therapy all agree on one thing: pain is not as easily defined as a mere sensation. It’s a combination of complex processes taking place inside your brain. And here in the brain is where the focus needs to shift in order to learn how to get pain swiftly and firmly under control. How we perceive pain is directly a result of the brain interpreting signals and then delivering the unpleasant responses we feel and experience.

Science has shown there are ways to lessen these signals and even work around them. Hypnosis techniques have helped many people realise what it means to be pain-free when medication failed to make a difference. (Tan G, 2016)

Throbbing pain can be easily arrested and alleviated by self-hypnosis once you appreciate how you can develop control over the inner workings of your mind.

Hypnotherapy is widely becoming an accepted effective answer to managing pain. If you’re not getting any joy, and more importantly relief, from prescription painkillers, why not give hypnotherapy a try?

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