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Hypnosis In London - Patient UK - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Patient UK Asks Malminder…About Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

In a recent article by Patient UK, the team ask whether there is an alternative way to lose weight before resulting in surgery. Patient UK speaks to Malminder Gill, Harley Street Hypnotherapist, about her approach to gastric band hypnotherapy.

What is gastric band hypnotherapy?

Patient UK explains;

“While gastric bands and bypasses involve major surgery and are often seen as a last resort, hypnotherapists have developed a virtual solution – convincing your subconscious that you’ve had a gastric band when no surgery has taken place.”

Looking to Malminder for expert advice, she tells Patient UK about how the virtual procedure and gastric band hypnotherapy takes place;

“During the hypnotherapy, the client is taken through the process of preparing themselves for surgery. In one of the sessions – for example – we create an environment to enable the client to feel as if they are preparing to have the operation. We talk through the procedure – step by step – under hypnosis, explaining what the surgeon would be doing in layman’s terms.”

How Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works

Malminder explains;

“We appeal to the patient’s imagination so that they really dive into that fantasy and believe in it. The theory is, once they believe they’ve had the procedure, they will automatically eat less, which will result in natural weight loss,” 

You can find out more about what gastric band hypnotherapy and whether it is right for you by reading the full article here. The article discusses with Malminder how effective the hypnotherapy can be. Furthermore, she also explains that the hypnosis is not suitable for everyone. After all, it can make the patient believe they are obese when they are not.

Consequently, if you believe the gastric band hypnotherapy is right for you, then get in touch with Malminder. She offers a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and treatment options. Find out if it is right for you by calling ​0207 971 7677 to receive your free consultation.

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