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Five Ways To Plan Your Post-Lockdown Breakup

A recent survey found that 36% of couples were arguing more during lockdown, and 42% were finding their partner increasingly irritating.

After the last lockdown, divorces surged, with one divorce law firm seeing a 122% spike in enquiries.

So, if you’re planning a post-lockdown breakup, what can you start doing now?

Five Ways To Plan A Post-Lockdown Breakup

Get Clear On Your Reasons

To help you process the breakup, it is vital to get clear on your reasons. This shouldn’t be a list of pent-up frustrations or a log of times where your partner upset you. Instead, this should be a clear, easy-to-understand reason which you can refer to whenever you have doubts.

While you don’t have to share your reason for breaking up with your partner, it can help them to understand why you are doing it. Having a clear understanding of why the relationship ended can help your ex-partner process the breakup and move forward.

Create A Plan For Space

It can be hard to emotionally break free when you stay close to an ex-partner. Creating distance, even if it is temporary, can allow you both to work through the stages of relationship grief so you can both begin the healing process.

Prepare For A Wave Of Emotions

It is normal to feel a range of emotions during a breakup. You may feel relief, anxiety, sadness, or happiness. It is normal to experience many different emotions throughout the breakup. With this in mind, try to plan for downtime and look to work with your emotions rather than trying to ignore them.

In her new book, How to Heal a Broken Heart, Rosie Green explores this emotional rollercoaster in frank detail, but also provides the advice, insight and uplifting stories that can help you to get over the breakup. Books like Rosie’s are perfect for supporting your breakup journey while also giving you the direction towards a happier future.

Consider The Moving Plan

If you’re breaking up, you may want to have a plan for a place to stay in the immediate aftermath. It is also important to think about the longer-term logistics, for example, who will stay in the property, how to switch over the lease and when you can both create a suitable moving schedule.

If you anticipate that your partner will make moving difficult, it can help to bring a friend who can be neutral and provide balance to ensure the best, reasonable outcome for you both.

Plan Your Breakup Recovery

Whether a breakup is hard or easy, the process of ending a relationship can bring a range of emotions and concerns to light. It can help to speak to a relationship or breakup therapist who can help you to process the breakup and move forward with a clear direction.

If you want to find out more about breakup therapy or how hypnotherapy can help you move forward, please book your free consultation by emailing

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