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Malminder Gill MNCIP
Integrative Psychotherapy Counselling & Hypnotherapy for individual & corporate clients
96 Harley Street, Online & Home Visits (UK & Internationally for intensive work)

Love Hypnotherapy

Self-nurturing is vital for our well-being. However, how often do we really make time for ourselves? If you cannot remember the last time you put yourself first, then this luxury retreat is for you.

On the 23rd April, I will be joining relationship and dating expert, Sami Wunder, to offer intensive therapy, luxury and fun. This will help you to unleash your femininity and invest in your future. As a guest speaker during this exclusive feminine awakening five-star getaway, I will be helping fifteen fabulous ladies get the hypnotherapy they need. This will help to open themselves to future love and letting go of past relationship issues. With one space left, you could be joining us in a beautiful location. You can be the one enjoying rest and relaxation and changing your future for the better.

From the moment you arrive in the gorgeous Mediterranean isle of Malta, all your needs will be taken care of. The retreat includes a full-day catamaran cruise, spa ritual including a full-body massage and a facial. As well as this, you will be treated and indulged to allow you to fully relax. Immerse yourself in a feminine transformation that is all about you.

Your luxury feminine awakening retreat in Malta

The six-day feminine awakening retreat is perfect for you to feel empowered, in control and confident. Together with Sami, the relationship expert, we will help you to give yourself the luxury treatment you deserve. Along with 14 other wonderful ladies, we will make sure it is fun-filled and unforgettable.

As well as love hypnotherapy with myself, Sami will be offering in-depth coaching and deep heart work. Designed to help you find love and consequently, create healthy relationships that work for you. Sami is a leading expert in dating. In fact, 85 of her single clients having received proposals in the last 18 months alone. Her work does not go unnoticed. Many top publications feature her success such as Time Motto Magazine, Forbes, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and many others.

If indulging yourself feels too extravagant, think of the investment you are making to your life. With expert guidance, you can find confidence, self-worth and the ability to progress your relationship to the next level. Discover the happiness and empowerment you need to feel amazing.

Not only will you receive life-changing treatment and support, but you will also make the most of a restful retreat in Malta. Enjoy the surroundings, wine and dine, cruise the turquoise oceans, visit the spa and enter a well-deserved state of bliss. For a detailed itinerary of all of the treats included in your stay, click here.

Say goodbye to heartache

During my exclusive group therapy session at the stunning Maltese retreat, I will be personally helping all of the glamorous goddesses to move on from past relationships and get over any love or commitment issues. Overcoming these problems that may have knocked confidence, self-worth and created obstacles in your romantic life is a must for future happiness and improving your outlook for a fabulous future.

My expertise will help you with;

  • Moving on from past relationship failures and damaging breakups
  • Getting over someone who does not feel the same way about you
  • Preparing you for dating without negative blocks.

With limited availability, this luxury retreat is a great way to get the immersive treatment through group sessions that can really help you overcome relationship barriers and find love and happiness. With the chance to change your life in a luxurious and indulgent way, can you afford to miss out?

Get the advice that you need with group coaching from leading experts. Considered a love expert in my field, I have helped countless people change their life for the better and their outlook on themselves and love. I have also been at the forefront of the fastest growing aspect of treatment with breakup hypnotherapy.

Life-changing retreat

Some of the comments I have received from past clients whom I have helped with love hypnosis and feminine awakening include;

“I would not hesitate to recommend Malminder.  My sessions with her have been life changing.  Whatever you’re trying to say or address, she absolutely gets it and will get to the core of the issue in a really easy, unassuming way.  She is so approachable and reassuring and yet very effective.  Seeing her is one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

“From the depths of despair to contentment.”

 “After two sessions I feel like a completely different person! I’ve got my confidence back and I know my own mind. I’ve stopped my extreme behaviour!”

Join us for a transformative feminine awakening

Armed with a prepared schedule, you simply need to turn up, chill out and let all your needs be taken care of. With only one space left, make sure you don’t miss out. Find out more about what is in store for you on the retreat here and make sure you join us without delay.

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