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Hypnotherapist London and Author – Malminder Gill was recently interviewed by Female First to discuss her latest book Unleash Your Inner Goddess And Stop Worrying. Read the full interview below. 

Unleash Your Inner Goddess And Stop Worrying is essentially a go-to tool-kit designed to be read specifically when you are in the state of worry. It is deliberately short, to the point and very much technique oriented so that readers can get straight to releasing the emotional burden that comes with a worried state of mind.

What are your six steps for releasing the emotional burden of worry?

In brief, the six steps take you through a journey that enables you to manage your worried state of mind, reduce stress, get more headspace and transform the worried state into a more stable state of mind. This stability naturally lends itself to a raised awareness, more choices and a clearer decision making process for the reader.

Why was it important that book could be read in just 20 minutes?

If you are currently in a worried state of mind, you most likely want to do something about it straight away and reading a lengthy book is not practical. In the worried state of mind, you really just want something quick, effective and potent. From my experience, I have found that worrying takes up a lot of time and headspace. If you can spot the onset of worry you are more likely to avoid the pitfalls that come with an over worried mind-set such as sleepless nights, stress and fear.

Please tell us about your background as and NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach in London’s Harley Street where I help people to overcome anxiety, manage stress and improve confidence amongst other things. Over the years I have helped many people from all walks of life to get back on track and reach their goals.

Why is the reader encouraged to measure their worry levels throughout the book?

This is something I do in my Hypnotherapy Practice as a way to measure success and I encourage readers to do the same so that they themselves can discover what is working for them and repeat the steps that work best as and when needed.

How is worry an emotional pressure?

Worry is a state of mind that is often entangled with fear, mistrust and lack of control. These carry a heavy weight and often are the reason for sleepless nights, stress and sometimes anger or a low mood.

What is next for you?

In October, my new Hypnotherapy downloads for stress reduction will be available on iTunes.  Find out more about Hypnotherapist London – Malminder Gill by following her on the links below.

Interview by Lucy Walton-Lange, Editor at Female First on 29 July 2014

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