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Hypnosis In London - Dose - Sugar Addiction

DOSE Asks Malminder…How To Fix A Sugar Addiction

Popular online lifestyle magazine, DOSE, sent a lifetime sceptic to hypnosis with Harley Street hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill, to see if it could cure her sugar addiction.

Rosie from DOSE is a self-confessed sugar addict. Despite being a young and healthy fitness professional, Rosie hides a secret shame of being addicted to sugar. In an attempt to cure her addiction, Rosie opted for diet versions and sugar-free snacks which only fueled her addiction. Rosie then tried self-help books and plans to cut the sugar habit. In the end, she found herself turning to Malminder Gill and hypnotherapy to end her addiction to sugar.

In the article on DOSE, Rosie explains how Malminder made her feel instantly at ease, despite her reservations. Malminder made Rosie feel so comfortable that she instantly opened her about how she was feeling and what her sugar addiction was doing to her.

Hypnotherapy For Sugar Addiction

After talking over a pot of chamomile tea and Malminder making copious notes, the session ended. Malminder then developed a hypnotherapy based on the notes, read for the next session. However, before the next appointment, Malminder challenged Rosie to three full days without sugar. During the hypnotherapy, Malminder places crystals on the body and then began a relaxing twenty-minute hypnosis.

After the session, Rosie instantly noticed results. She found that the addictive thoughts no longer consumer her headspace. One month later after listening to follow-on recordings created by Malminder, Rosie has found her new ‘normal’ and is no longer ruled by her sugar addiction.

If you want to find out more about what a hypnotherapy session for sugar addiction is like, you can read Rosie’s article on DOSE here.

Furthermore, if you are looking for help for your sugar addiction, get in touch with Malminder by calling ​0207 971 7677 to book your free 15-minute consultation and find out how she can help you to cut the sugar.

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