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Hypnosis In London - Dose - Sugar Addiction


SAD, also known as seasonal affective disorder can cause problems such as lethargy, irritability, cravings, and anxiety. Research shows that SAD affects one in three people in the UK. This can range from mild SAD symptoms to severe winter depression. As winter draws closer, many people are looking for ways to combat SAD and feel good about winter.

DOSE describes itself as an online magazine dedicated to wellness for pleasure seekers. They have a busy online community full of self-proclaimed healthy hedonists. DOSE advocates a healthy and balanced approach to wellness and feel-good activities. This week the writers at DOSE caught up with Malminder, the Reinvention Hypnotherapist, to share her views on how to combat SAD.

How To Combat SAD – Malminder’s Advice

  1. Up Your Nutrition

Malminder recommends taking vitamin D supplements as well as increasing your Omega 3 intake by eating flaxseed and hemp. This is because research has found that SAD is less common on people who consume high levels of Omega 3.

2. Go Outside

Another tip from Malminder is that you should aim for 60 minutes of daylight. This means going outside for your breaks at work. She also recommends choosing to exercise outdoors instead of heading to the gym.

3. Super Brain Yoga

As well as being active outside, Malminder also recommends trying super brain yoga. Super brain yoga works to restore the energy in your body helping you to feel awake and alert. Furthermore, super brain yoga provides two benefits. As well as providing exercise, it also connects your mind with your body. Consequently, with your mind and body working as one, you can work on witnessing your feelings without becoming wrapped up in negative.

Importantly, Malminder recommends that you always seek medical advice and visit your GP if you suspect you might have SAD.

Find out more about Malminder’s top tips to combat SAD by reading the full article here.

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