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Hypnosis In London Confident Presentation

For most people, delivering a presentation invokes a fear or dread. Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is a very real and common fear. Around 25% of the population suffer from glossophobia. While many others will find that delivering a presentation will affect them physically and emotionally, such as causing stress and sleepless nights. However, learning how to overcome a fear of public speaking and delivering a confident presentation can help you professionally and help you to grow as a person.

Why are confident presentation skills so important?

A recent study by Prezi found that 70% of people believe presentation skills are critical to career success. However, in the same survey, they found that 20% of people would do anything they can to avoid delivering presentations. Knowing how vital the skill of presenting is, 75% of survey participants want to be better at presenting.

It is no surprise that a confident presentation is a skill people want to master. Research has shown that people who fear public speaking typically earn 10% less than their confident presenter counterparts. Furthermore, a lack of confidence in presenting inhibits promotions by as much as 15%.

As well as helping you in a professional capacity, being able to speak confidently to an audience allows you to grow in confidence, be more willing to share ideas and form strong relationships. So how can you master public speaking and deliver a confident presentation?

How to master a confident presentation

Whether you are comfortable speaking to an audience or are part of the 25% who feel anxious when presenting, there is always room for growth. There are several ways that you can conquer the fear and deliver more effective and engaging presentations which can help to increase your confidence in your professional and personal life.

I work with many CEOs, celebrities and professional clients that have anxiety surrounding confident presentations and public speaking. Here are just some of the effective tips that I try and put in place to help their confidence grow.

  1. Relax your body

A fear will automatically put your body in a tense state that will come across in your presentations. When preparing for a presentation, it is essential to be in a calm state. I recommend using breathing techniques to relax the body, lower the heart rate and reduce the tensions you may feel. This will instantly help to give an impression of confidence and ease, even if you feel nervous.

2. Use positive affirmations

So often, a fear of public speaking comes from negative self-talk. We tell ourselves that we don’t like or are no good at public speaking which then hampers every presentation we deliver. It is not effective to turn negative statements into positive statements when we do not believe them. Firstly, we must challenge our beliefs in order to limit the negativity. For example, saying ‘I must be bad at presenting as the audience can see how nervous I am’ is a statement that can be challenged. The negative statements we use are often irrational and unfounded. Feeling nervous doesn’t mean your audience can see it.

By challenging these negative beliefs, you can begin to welcome positive affirmations to support you and are proactive to your performance.

Top Tip: Whether you are terrified of public speaking or simply looking for ways to improve the HBR Guide To Persuasive Presentations can help you to navigate any stumbling blocks and give you helpful advice that may surprise you.

3. Keep your focus

There will be a reason you are choosing to or have been asked to present. It is likely you are presenting because of your expertise, knowledge and advice that you can share with others. Instead of focussing on your own anxiety, reframe the outlook on why you are presenting. So often, staying focused on the benefits of what you are doing, keeps the objective at the forefront of your mind and the fear becomes much less important. Be the expert that people know you are, and confidence will often exude.

4. Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be an extremely effective method of reducing anxiety and nerves that surround public speaking and presentations. Using a blend of hypnotherapy techniques, I can help you to build confidence, reduce anxiety and give you to pointers you need to speak naturally and effectively.

If you want to improve your presentation skills, increase your confidence or conquer blushing and mind-blanks when speaking publicly, get in touch. We will start with a free 15-minute consultation to determine your needs and what you want to achieve. Book your free call today by calling  0207 971 7677

Prepare for your next presentation with my free audio

If you are preparing for a forthcoming presentation, or want to banish performance anxiety for good, I have created a free audio for you. This audio can help to prepare, calm and relax you to ensure you deliver a confident presentation. If you want your next presentation to be a success, email me at for your free audio.

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