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Refinery29 Asks Malminder… About Body Positivity With Pole Dancing

Refinery29 Asks Malminder… About Body Positivity With Pole Dancing

Why Pole Dancing Deserves To Be Recognised As An Olympic Sport

Popular digital media and entertainment company, Refinery29 is to go to place for women who want to live a stylish and well-rounded life. With over 550 million readers, they provide thoughtful insight and expert advice. In a recent article, Refinery29 discuss pole dancing and ask expert Malminder Gill about obtaining body positivity with pole dancing.

Body Positivity With Pole Dancing

In the article, Refinery29 state;

“Pole dancing might finally be seen as separate from its strip club origins, but the fact that it can help women to feel powerful or attractive shouldn’t necessarily be ignored.”

The article goes on to explain why clinical hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill loves pole fitness herself and recommends it to her clients. The report reads;

“Pole dancing is body positive and can be very liberating and empowering, and it can really help you to focus,” says Mindy. “I see a lot of people who are stuck in a bad relationship or who can’t get over a broken heart.”
“When I suggest pole dancing they often look at me like I’m mad, but I’ve had many who have tried it and never look back. It really can help get people through a difficult time and come out stronger and more confident.”

You can read more from Malminder Gill and body positivity with pole dancing in the full article which you can find here. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for other ways to improve body positivity, then get in touch with Malminder Gill. Her blended approach combining coaching and hypnotherapy can help you to shed self-doubts and become a more confident, happier person. You can book your first free 15-minute consultation by calling  0207 971 7677

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