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Are You In Love With Sugar?

According to research by Public Health England, the average person eats three times their recommended daily intake of sugar. With sugar’s prevalence in so many foods and drinks, it can be hard to avoid, but how can you tell whether your sugar consumption is healthy, or if you have a sugar addiction?

Ten Signs You Have A Sugar Addiction

1.     Your Sugar Consumption Is Increasing

In the past, you may have satisfied your sugar craving with a smaller amount, for example, a small glass of soda, a fun-size chocolate bar or just one scoop of ice cream. Now you may find you need more and more sugar to satisfy that sugar craving. You may find you are increasing your portion sizes for sugary food, or you’re eating lots of different types of sugar to satisfy a craving.

With many addictions, you can build a tolerance. This means that you need to eat more and more sugar to satisfy your craving.

2.     Your Craving Is Continuous

In the past, a sugar craving may have been once a day. However, now you’re noticing that you crave sugar more frequently. It may no longer feel like you want sugar, but that you need it to function.

This happens as your sugar consumption causes an insulin spike, after the spike, blood sugar then rapidly falls, causing another sugar craving. The fluctuation can make your cravings happen more frequently. Eventually, your sugar craving will feel almost continuous throughout the day.

3.     You Still Eat Sugar Even When You’re Full

A tell-tale sign of sugar addiction is when you still crave sugar even when you’re not hungry. If you find yourself turning to sugar despite being full or not physically needing a meal, then this may be a case that you’re becoming addicted to sugar as you are not able to eat intuitively or mindfully.

4.     You’re Hiding Sugary Snacks

While you may know you need to cut back on sugar and try to show others that you have cut back, but are actually hiding your sugar consumption, then this is an unhealthy food relationship. If you find yourself consuming sugar in secret, or sneaking off to get your sugar fix, then this may be a sign that you are addicted to sugar.

5.     You Crave All Carbs!

You may think that a sugar addiction focuses only on sweets, chocolate, biscuits and fizzy drinks. However, there is sugar in all carbohydrates, and you may find that your sugar cravings manifest in bread, crisps, and pizza.

6.     It Is A Real Struggle To Quit

If you have a sugar addiction, you may have tried to quit sugar before. However, you may have had some adverse effects to quitting sugar. The most common sugar withdrawal symptom is headaches. However, you may also struggle with symptoms of cravings, nausea, insomnia, tiredness, lethargy.

With sugar withdrawal symptoms, these will usually become most apparent around 24 hours later and can be incredibly intense, leading you to consume sugar again.

7.     You Know It’s Bad For You, And Eat It Anyway

Consuming too much sugar can have significant health effects. Excessive sugar consumption can increase the risk of health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, some cancers and cardiovascular disease. If you are a sugar addict, you may be aware of all the health concerns, but still feel the need to consume sugar. Instead of refusing sugar, or cutting down on your sugar intake, you may find a compulsive need to consume sugar.

8.     It Makes You Feel Guilty

If you feel shame or guilt around consuming a specific food or drink, then this can be a sign that you do not have a healthy relationship with that food. In some cases, feeling shame around a food can be indicative of an eating disorder. If you feel embarrassed or shameful about your sugar consumption or specific snack habit, then this may be a sign of sugar addiction.

9.     Sugar Is Your Comfort Food

If you find that you use sugar to get through life’s challenges, then this may be a sign of sugar addiction. While using sugar for comfort is normal occasionally, if you find that you’re using sugar for emotional relief regularly may be a sign of an unhealthy relationship with sugar.

Using sugar to combat negative emotions is a sign you’re not properly processing your emotions. Research also shows that sugar may even worsen your mood, rather than improve it.

10.  You Make Sugar Shopping Trips

Another key sign of sugar addiction is where you make a special trip to pick up your go-to sugary snack. In some cases, you may find that you’re going out late at night to purchase sugary food and drink. You may find that you stop off on your journey, specifically to pick up the food and drink you need to satisfy your craving. If you find that you’re regularly going out of your way to purchase your sugar fix, this is another key indicator that your relationship with sugar is no longer healthy.

Are You A Sugar Addict?

If a few of these signs ring true for you, then it may be time to look at your sugar addiction and start to mindfully reduce your sugar intake. If you need support to combat your sugar addiction, hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective. In just a few sessions, using a bespoke programme, we can reprogram your brain to reduce your cravings for sugar and allow you to create healthy food relationships.

To find out more about how I can help, you can book a free consultation. Email for your free assessment call.

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