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10 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Your Time When Self-Isolating

The current Coronavirus outbreak has left many of us with more time on our hands as we focus on staying home and avoiding contact to stop the spread of the disease. While the outbreak is concerning for us all, there are ways that you can capitalise on this time at home for your own self-improvement, wellbeing and mental health. Here are ten ways that you can use your self-improvement self-isolation time to make profound and lasting changes to your life for the better;

1.     Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety

Anxiety can cause sleeplessness, lack of concentration and restlessness. It can also make you feel unable to relax and want to dissociate from yourself and the world. If the Coronavirus outbreak has led you to feel anxious, then you may find that it is impossible to do anything productive with this time.

To help improve your mental health during this difficult time, I have created a free Managing Coronavirus Anxiety course. This course can help you feel calmer while reducing your fear and anxiety. With the use of meditation and affirmations, I will help to transport you to a place of mental clarity, calmness and focus. This will then mean you can use your time productively, with reduced worry.

Enrol in the Managing Coronavirus Anxiety course for free here.

2.     Reboot Your Skincare

Developing a healthy skincare routine is not only a great way to improve your skin but your mental health too. This year, Dr David Jack and I have created a Mindful Facial; this is where an expert Harley Street facialist conducts a bespoke facial. At the same time, I deliver a personalised hypnotherapy program. After the facial, you will receive a recording of the hypnosis for you to use at home, while Dr David Jack will recommend the best skincare products for your needs.

If you haven’t had a Mindful Facial yet, you can still reboot your skincare routine at home.

You can browse Dr David Jack’s skincare range on  Space NK to find the right products for you. Then, while conducting your skincare routine, listen to my Hypnosis for Confidence program for a holistic mind and body self-care practice.

Establishing this routine is the best way to ensure you’re taking care of yourself both inside and out.

3.     Online Therapy

If you have been putting off therapy because you are too busy, this self-improvement self-isolation time is ideal for addressing any issues that have been holding you back. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave your home to receive personalised, bespoke therapy that is tailored to your unique requirements and concerns.

I am offering online therapy treatment plans which can take place over calls, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype. Online therapy still includes all of the same, effective techniques as I use in person. This includes EFT, NLP, meditation and hypnotherapy.

As well as our appointments, you’ll receive proactive support throughout. You’ll also receive hypnotherapy and meditation recordings that are bespoke to your needs, and that you can use whenever you need them. With frequent check-ins, phone coaching, resources and homework, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive therapy package from the comfort of your own home.

My online therapy is available for any concerns you may have, goals you want to achieve or issues you wish to address.  Find out more about how I can help by booking your first free telephone consultation here.

4.     Morning Routine For Productivity

If your mornings are always a chaotic rush, this self-improvement self-isolation time is the ideal way to master your mornings once and for all. By establishing an effective morning routine, you can enjoy a greater sense of motivation as well as more focus and energy.

Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, start with a meditation. The meditation doesn’t have to be long; even five minutes can help to remove any stress and anxiety and give you more clarity and creativity.

Then, repeat your bespoke affirmations to yourself. You can create your own affirmations, or if you need help, click here to receive your free positive affirmations audio.

Once you feel confident and ready for the day, visualise what your ideal day looks like. You can do this while energising yourself for the day with exercise. This doesn’t have to be intense exercise. For example, gentle stretching and yoga can really help to get oxygen pumping throughout the body so that you feel awake and alert.

Finally, read a small passage of an inspiring piece of text; this could be a personal development book, blog or quote that gives you the advice that you can take with you for the day. Then jot down what’s on your mind after reading the text or list what you want to achieve that day, and you’re good to go.

5.     Self-Improvement Self-Isolation

Self-isolation can play havoc on our emotional and mental health. However, this period of downtime can be a great way to give yourself a health check and address any areas that may need improvement. From weight loss to giving up smoking to improving your emotional wellness, I have lots of online courses that you can use to ensure you’re feeling at your best.

6.     Get Creative

Creativity in any format can not only boost happiness and mental health, but it can also improve your immune system too, which is critical during this Coronavirus outbreak. Painting, drawing, music, dancing and writing can all help to promote physical and mental wellness.

If you don’t feel creative, start with simple doodles or use a mindfulness colouring book and see where your creativity takes you next.

7.     Declutter Your Life

Spending time at home means you have a fantastic opportunity to take stock of your possessions and get rid of the clutter. Decluttering may seem like a chore, but it has lots of health benefits. For a start, a clean, uncluttered space can lower anxiety while the fast decision making between keeping and removing an item is both energising and liberating.

Creating a clutter-free space can also help you to sleep better, while studies also show that removing clutter from your life can improve the way your brain processes information.

8.     Connect With Loved Ones

While you may not be able to see your friends and family in person, this time at home does offer the chance for you to reconnect with people in different ways. Phone and Skype calls provide a great way to feel close without actually meeting while filling in your relatives with all of your news via email can help to maintain a friendly relationship.

So, if you’re feeling blue or at a loose end, get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll both feel better at the end of an overdue catch-up.

9.     Get Writing

Many of us have a dream to write a book, start a blog or leave our stories behind for loved ones to read. Now is the perfect time to finally get around to writing what you’ve always wanted to. As mentioned above, writing is a creative skill that helps to boost the immune system, but it is also incredibly therapeutic as well.

If you don’t have a book or blog in mind, why not write letters to people that you don’t have to send? If there is something that you have always wished you had said to them, now is the time to let it all out. Even though they may never read it, you’ll feel so much better for getting everything down on paper.

10.  Revise Your Resolutions

Have you let your goals for the year slip already? Now you have time to review your resolutions and update your goals so that you can start again with a fresh sense of purpose. It helps to start by understanding why you’ve let your goals slip (this post can help). Then, follow these ten steps for how to get what you want.

While we are all aware of how distressing this outbreak can be, taking positive measures like these listed above can really help to make the most of your time while improving your mental, physical and emotional health. Remember, if you need any help getting through this challenging time, I’m here. Email to book your free telephone consultation.

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