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  • Patient UK

    Patient UK asked Malminder Gill to discuss hypnosis for weight loss and how it works.

  • Refinery29

    Clinical hypnotherapist and life coach Mindy Gill is not only a big pole fitness fan herself, she also recommends it to some of her clients. Especially those who are struggling with self-esteem issues.

  • The Independent

    “People who experience anxiety talk to themselves in a negative way, so they’re already hearing a kind of self-hypnosis,” says Gill. “I teach them to use a different voice to inspire positive change. Clients come to understand what their minds are capable of, meaning they’re better able take back control and empower themselves.”

  • Derby Telegraph

    “It’s so rewarding to know it’s made a huge difference to her – it’s freed up a lot of her time so she can focus on other key aspects of the business and her writing, as she is in the middle of writing her second book. Malminder’s clinic is another great example of the vision of had for the hub when I started it. Our clients’ success is our success.”

  • Uproxx

    The solution? More open communication about mental illness. It’s the best way to reduce and (hopefully) end the stigma that surrounds psychological disorders. “Talk to somebody,” Gill, SLANG’s hypnotherapist urges. “That’s what SLANG’s music is doing. It’s allowing the person to talk to somebody else through music.”The music star also encourages those suffering from symptoms like his be more open and honest with themselves.

  • Huffington Post

    As well as Gottman’s four behaviours, relationship expert Malminder Gill wrote in a blog for HuffPost UK, that another sign your relationship is headed for the rocks is controlling behaviour (from either party). This means being an emotional bully, checking their phone, telling them what to wear, where to go, or who they can spend time with. Gill said: “Adults have the freedom to choose what they do and when, and no one else should interfere with their personal decisions in ways that make them feel inferior.”

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