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Hypnosis for Depression, Anger and Low Mood

Hypnotherapy Depression, Anger and Low Mood

Does Hypnosis work for depression, anger, low mood and negativity? Hypnosis for depression, anger and low mood is a very safe, natural and effective way to reduce mild to moderate low depressive feelings and related symptoms such as anger, negativity, feelings of worthlessness etc.

With a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching, the Hypnotherapy treatment helps you to feel calm, at ease and balanced whilst dissolving the depressive thought patterns and related anger and low mood symptoms.

How Hypnotherapy for Depression, Anger and Low Mood Works

I use a proven yet gentle yet effective approach to addressing your symptoms. Sessions are relaxed, comfortable and progress at a pace that suits you. Here is what you can expect on the Hypnotherapy Anxiety London Program:

  1. A telephone conversation to discuss your goals and suitability for hypnotherapy
  2. Between 3-5 hypnotherapy and coaching sessions, each lasting approx. 1 hour
  3. Homework tasks maybe assigned to you in between Hypnotherapy appointments
    Subsequent Hypnotherapy appointments with evaluation of success and further hypnotherapeutic, NLP and coaching interventions as needed for a successful outcome
  4. Hypnotherapy Sessions can be recorded for you to listen to over again (extra fees may apply)

About your Harley Street Hypnotherapist Malminder Gill

Hypnotherapist Harley Street

Malminder Gill – BSc (hons) Dip Hyp MHS DNLP GQHP GHRreg AMAC

Malminder is London’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach who is compassionate, non-judgmental and client focused. Her dedicated Hypnotherapy Practice is based in Harley Street, London. She is regularly featured in the media and sought after through personal recommendations.

…An amazing experience! Malminder is such a lovely and welcoming and very professional at the same time. I had serious relationship issues, very low self esteem and self confidence. She reassure me that in the end of my journey I will be a different person. Yes, she was right! It was emotionally very painful at times but I came out a lot stronger and more confident then ever. Huge thank you to this lovely lady who helped me to open my eyes and see myself in a different light!!!…

0203 637 5877


  • Your first session is talk therapy where we discuss the presenting problem in detail, finding the root cause.  We then discuss solutions and what you are hoping to achieve.
  • I then spend 60-90 mins preparing your detailed hypnosis session, based on our talk therapy session and the latest research.
  • Your second session is the hypnosis session.
  • You then provide feedback on what is working, what still needs to be addressed, and any further insight.
  • I use your feedback and spend 60-90 mins preparing your next hypnosis session.
  • Your third session (if needed) is another hypnosis session to tie up any lose ends and reaffirm the results.

Each session is charged at £200 and includes all preparatory work and full email/telephone support in between sessions.

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