Driving Test Hypnosis & Driving Hypnotherapy London Harley Street

Driving Test Hypnosis & Driving London

Driving Test Hypnosis & Driving London

Hypnosis is very effective at calming nervous drivers in London and to help with anxiety for Driving Tests.  Using a combination of proven hypnotherapy techniques I quickly help with Driving Test Hypnosis for those taking the assessments or hypnotherapy for driver anxiety to remain calm and in control when driving.  Driving test hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be used if the driver is feeling:

  • Anxious or nervous about driving in the city
  • Anxious or nervous about driving on the motorway
  • Anxious or nervous about driving under bridges and over bridges
  • Anxious or nervous about driving in tunnels or through poll stations
  • Anxious or nervous about driving in country lanes and through tight spaces
  • Anxious or nervous about parking the car
  • Anxious or nervous about driving in a multi-level car park
  • Anxious or nervous about driving after an accident
  • Anxious or nervous about your Driving Test

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About your Hypnotherapist, Harley Street - Malminder Gill

Hypnotherapist Harley Street

Malminder Gill – BSc (hons) Dip Hyp MHS DNLP GQHP GHRreg AMAC

Malminder is London’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach who is compassionate, non-judgmental and client focused. Her dedicated Hypnotherapy Practice is based in Harley Street, London.  She is regularly featured in the media and sought after through personal recommendations. 

I went to Malminder for help with nerves and anxiety that I had over my driving test. I had failed 5 times and before each one was in floods of tears, fighting nausea and shaking. I tried everything up to that point. I had tried Kalmz, rescue remedy, lavender, I had tried chewing gum and drinking high caffeine drinks… all the things people had suggested to help. on all of my tests my examiners had made comments about my nerves and I just didn’t know what else to do. I had a lot of pressure on me to pass my test including the very real possibility of losing my job if I didn’t get a license. I had already been told once I had lost my job, only to get a ‘stay of execution’ and get three more months to pass my test. so the pressure was only mounting, not reducing. I explained all of this to Malminder in our phone consultation and first session and i even cried in our first session and Malminder very effectively picked out the things we needed to work on. We had three sessions and with each one the physical reactions I had when I thought about my test reduced and I gradually was thinking more positively about it until I actually started to think ‘wow, I might pass it this time’. and what can I say…. with Malminder’s help I PASSED!!! I honestly had no physical symptoms of anxiety before or during the test and even said to the examiner “I feel weirdly OK…” and throughout the test a little voice kept reassuring me “you can do this” and instead of panicking when I made a mistake, I kept cool and something automatically took over and corrected it without conscious thought. I really do believe that the work I did with Malminder helped and I highly recommend her if you are facing similar issues to me. Read more independent reviews on Feefo

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  • Your first session is talk therapy where we discuss the presenting problem in detail, finding the root cause.  We then discuss solutions and what you are hoping to achieve.
  • I then spend 60-90 mins preparing your detailed hypnosis session, based on our talk therapy session and the latest research.
  • Your second session is the hypnosis session.
  • You then provide feedback on what is working, what still needs to be addressed, and any further insight.
  • I use your feedback and spend 60-90 mins preparing your next hypnosis session.
  • Your third session (if needed) is another hypnosis session to tie up any lose ends and reaffirm the results.

Each session is charged at £200 and includes all preparatory work and full email/telephone support in between sessions.

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